About Me

24 years young & a resident of California (United States)

Military Medical Technician – Dog Sitter for Rover.com – Skin Care Consultant for R+F

I grew up in Washington State and yes, my soul is part-hippie.
I promote clean energy, support the right to choose who you marry, what you want to smoke, and as a woman, what you can do with your body.

I’m all about improving yourself, always.
Right now I’m learning the Italian language.
I’m also consistently reading political and medical articles to stay up to date.

My current goal: TO TRAVEL.
I want to see what California has to offer & I want to see the world.
I’m in the perfect location right now where there are so many things to go out & do, so that’s exactly what I plan to do.
& even more so, I want to get out of this country and see new things and learn new cultures.

If any of this sounds interesting then join me on my journey!