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R+F Skin Care Review (Micro-Dermabrasion)

My Rodan + Field's consultant gave me a micro-dermabrasion packets to try out and, I'll be honest, it has been sitting in my bathroom for nearly two weeks.  I finally tried it today though AND I'M IN LOVE! My skin just felt so clean and smooth afterwards. I would definitely recommend this product! I guess… Continue reading R+F Skin Care Review (Micro-Dermabrasion)

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RXBARs – A Whole Food Snack On-The-Go

Working in the Emergency Room means that I'm go-go-go for 12 hours. I barely have time to go pee, so as you can imagine, eating proves to be quite the challenge. So I've found that finger foods are best as I can grab a few bites here and there. With that said, processed foods are… Continue reading RXBARs – A Whole Food Snack On-The-Go

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Crazy Dog Lady

This nurse I work with said to me "Don't become that crazy dog lady". I replied "It's too late. I'm already there." #SorryNotSorry & then I showed her the following picture of our matching shirts... I got these from Etsy! The matching shirts were done by Waves Of Elegance & the "Fur Mama" tank from CD Custom Tees. I… Continue reading Crazy Dog Lady

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Apartment Lovin’

I moved to California in March and my first mission was to decorate the shit out of my apartment! Mission accomplished! I got a lot of items from Target, Ross, Amazon, and Michaels. I'll include some links to my faves. 🙂 What's in my kitchen? Amazon, Amazon, Amazon! Coffee Drawer for Keurig | "But Coffee First" Teaspoon… Continue reading Apartment Lovin’

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Dog Allergies / Product Reviews

I have the two cutest dogs in the whole world. Said all fur mamas everywhere. But whatever, I just love my dogs so much. Daisy is a 2 year old Pomeranian-Chihuahua and Charlie is a 7 year old Yorki-Chihuahua. I adopted them both from shelters which I would highly recommend to everyone. There is nothing wrong with… Continue reading Dog Allergies / Product Reviews