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We Grew

When I think back about the past two years of my life with you… It looks fucking crazy. Like what in the actual hell were we thinking? Falling in and out of love over and over again? I let you break my heart so many times. And then I let you right back in. People… Continue reading We Grew

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R+F Skin Care Review (Micro-Dermabrasion)

My Rodan + Field's consultant gave me a micro-dermabrasion packets to try out and, I'll be honest, it has been sitting in my bathroom for nearly two weeks.  I finally tried it today though AND I'M IN LOVE! My skin just felt so clean and smooth afterwards. I would definitely recommend this product! I guess… Continue reading R+F Skin Care Review (Micro-Dermabrasion)

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RXBARs – A Whole Food Snack On-The-Go

Working in the Emergency Room means that I'm go-go-go for 12 hours. I barely have time to go pee, so as you can imagine, eating proves to be quite the challenge. So I've found that finger foods are best as I can grab a few bites here and there. With that said, processed foods are… Continue reading RXBARs – A Whole Food Snack On-The-Go

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More Beautiful Than Yesterday

I have this internal quest to bring order to the chaos in my life. I attempt to do so by asking questions and gaining knowledge as to why something was said or why a certain event happened in the first place. I turn to the person next to me, dubious, head cocked to the side.… Continue reading More Beautiful Than Yesterday

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A Uniform With Sacrifice

Uniform Inspired by the Daily Post. I wear this camouflaged uniform with a patch over my heart that says "U.S. AIR FORCE". I think back to the day where my instructor yelled "There's a reason why U.S. Air Force is over your heart and your last name isn't; you put the Air Force first." I get that now. I thought I… Continue reading A Uniform With Sacrifice

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Crazy Dog Lady

This nurse I work with said to me "Don't become that crazy dog lady". I replied "It's too late. I'm already there." #SorryNotSorry & then I showed her the following picture of our matching shirts... I got these from Etsy! The matching shirts were done by Waves Of Elegance & the "Fur Mama" tank from CD Custom Tees. I… Continue reading Crazy Dog Lady

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Apartment Lovin’

I moved to California in March and my first mission was to decorate the shit out of my apartment! Mission accomplished! I got a lot of items from Target, Ross, Amazon, and Michaels. I'll include some links to my faves. 🙂 What's in my kitchen? Amazon, Amazon, Amazon! Coffee Drawer for Keurig | "But Coffee First" Teaspoon… Continue reading Apartment Lovin’

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Dog Allergies / Product Reviews

I have the two cutest dogs in the whole world. Said all fur mamas everywhere. But whatever, I just love my dogs so much. Daisy is a 2 year old Pomeranian-Chihuahua and Charlie is a 7 year old Yorki-Chihuahua. I adopted them both from shelters which I would highly recommend to everyone. There is nothing wrong with… Continue reading Dog Allergies / Product Reviews